Monday, April 7, 2008

Top 5 High School Positions Players

The high school position prospects crop has gold in there at the top, but after the top 5 there is not much. There will probably be 5 high school position players taken in the 1st round. Most teams will be grabbing the established college pitchers and position players if I had to guess.
The first thing you will notice about the list is the abscence of Harold Martinez. He has taken a huge dive in the eyes of scouts. Maybe out of the 1st and supp rounds. He has looked terrible at the plate early on. With that said, Isaac Galloway has some tools but is not anymore proven.

1) Tim Beckham
Tim Beckham is one of the only legit 5 tool players in the draft. His power will need to develop as it is lagging behind his other tools. Most importantly, there is no doubt he can stay at SS.

2) Aaron Hicks
Hicks is the other legit 5 tool player in the draft. I think his tools are actually better than Beckham's. Obviously the fact that Beckham plays and can stay at SS gives him the edge. Like I said in the "Top Prospect" on Hicks, he is an extremley speedy CF with a great arm at least. His frame is extremley projectable and if he adds power and can hit consistently he is very comparable to Cameron Maybin.
PLUS, he is a potential setup/closer in the bull pen. So a team could let him hit for 3 years, if that does not work out, move him to the bull pen with is mid 90's FB and power CB. He is as safe as of pick as a high school player can be.

3)Eric Hosmer
Hicks over Hosmer? This is just a personal preference. Based on how good they are right now, Hosmer is probably better and more accomplished. However, I am not wild about high school 1B, plus when you factor in cost, Hicks is just a better prospect to me. In order for Hosmer to be worth his cost, he has to hit 30 HR in the big leagues. Even if he turns out to be Mike Jacobs, that is not worth it. I would rather take a chance on a non 1B.

4) Kyle Skipworth
I really like Skipworth, and I think he is a top 10 pick. As I said in his Top Prospect, he has the size comparable to Joe Mauer and the sweet swing of John Olerude, but with more power. If it was a given he could stay at catcher, he would be a top 5 pick. However, he has calmed some of those concerns this Spring. He can hit enough to even play 1B down the road if need be.

4) Isaac Galloway
This is where the list drops off for me. He profiles as a corner OF and tops out at a 20/20 ceiling. His arm is good, but not good enough speed for CF. The word is that he has more now skills but not as much projection as Hicks.


qazxswedc said...

Who are the Braves likely to take with their first pick in the supplemental round?

If they were still picking at 18 in the first round who would they have taken with that pick?

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21 and Under said...

As a Braves fan, I wish they had that 18 pick (given up in the Glavine signing for those of you who do not know). Furthremore, they got nothing for Andruw Jones leaving because they were afraid he would accept arbitration.

So, the only top 50 pick they have is a result of Ron Mahay going to KC.

If they did have the 18th pick I think they would love to get Gordon Beckham. Assuming he would be gone, I think some names would be Isaac Galloway, Jemile Weeks, and Brett Devall (they love high school LHP)

As for their 40th pick, I think if Josh Fields was there they would redraft him. He now looks worth the asking price he had last year. He already has 8 saves for UGA.
Another name is Allen Dykstra, 1b/3b from Wake Forest. He is 6'5 and the Braves will need to fill both those positions in the future.

Anonymous said...

Why is everybody so down on Harold Martinez now? Judging him solely by his performance so far this spring would be falling victim to small sample size, no?

21 and Under said...

I do not think it is a result of - "his batting avg. is down, or he only has 3 home runs"
its more of the scouts do not like what they see in terms of ability to make consistent contact. his power rates a 50 on the scale, and his defense is above average/good..those are the two things he has going for him and you could say that about alot of guys.
some scouts thought he looked stiff at the plate and his swing lacked loosness
with all that said, he still will go in the top 3 rounds..which in the grand scheme of things is pretty darn good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply. I just found it curious that apparently so many scouts who were drooling all over him just a few months, or even weeks, ago have now changed their tunes.

Top 3 rounds, yes, still good obviously. But if he drops even slightly from his previous early-to-mid-1st grade, does he opt for U of Miami instead of the pros?

21 and Under said...

Well, that is the question...I do not know his financial situation..but, say he drops to early 4th round, and a team wants to sign him for slot...I would not be surprised to see him not sign. However, it only takes one team to believe in him.

I agree with you as well, it is hard to believe that all of the sudden this kid suddenly forgot how to play in the span of about 5 months. But reports are that he really did look much better in summer showcases