Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Top 5 High School Pitchers

It seems to me that the high school pitching crop is taking a little bit of a hit with 2 months to go before the draft. There are no Porcellos, Kershaws, or Parkers in this draft.
I would also like to point out that Peter Gammons wrote an article showing that less than 4% of high school LHP drafted make it to the Pros.

Tim Melville - RHP- Tall, projectable RHP with low 90s FB and workable knuckcurve.

Gerrit Cole -RHP- Throws legit heat, mid to upper 90's. Major questions on signablity and makeup.

Alex Meyer - RHP - 6'7 - came out of nowhere last year and has played well in showcases throwing his mid 90s heat. Baseball America convered The perfect Game Show Case and had him ranked ahead of Cole. Do not be suprised if he is taken before Cole in the draft.

Brett DeVall - LHP - DeVall is actually the second best high school LHP according to BA (behind Kyle Lobstein). However, I prefer Devall in that he is 6'5 and lanky with very solid mecnanics. Throws low 90s and has a solid slider/slurve and shows a feel for a change up. BA also had Gray listed ahead of Devall.

Sonny Gray- RHP - Concerns will be there about his size. He is about 5'10 or 5'11. He does have a plus FB and a power CB, however, lets remeber Tim Lincecum is the exception to the rule.


NYteamsWin said...

Lincecum, Pedro Martinez, Johnny Cueto, Roy Oswalt just to name a few.

Do you know where his(Gray) plus fastball sits in mph?

21 and Under said...

I believe low 90s..maybe toping out at 93. Also, his secondary and 3rd pitches are not close to any of the above mentioned pitchers. However, that is obviously an impressive list.